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Have you ever had one of those “how is my name spelled again?” moments? Honestly, my name has double letters left and right. To be exact, there are 4 e’s, 4 r’s, 2 s’s, 2 a’s, and 2 i’s, plus 6 other non-repetitive letters. You would think after all these years of writing I would have at least my own name down…but I don’t. My last name comes in a ton of different forms, depending on what language it’s used in, and I have one of the longer forms. Seriously, I wish it was the 6 letter version. That would be nice. I get past the first two r’s, but then I forget there’s a few more letters to go and just smack on the last letter. Then I’m like, “Jessica, your last name is not 6 letters long”. Sometimes, I think I left enough space in the corner for my name, but nope. I shouldn’t complain, it’s definitely not the longest form.

Moving on…I never wanted August to come, until I found out my registration date. Now I wish it was here already. It’s just taking too long. I just want to register and get it over with. I’m so scared I don’t get my classes and will have to wait another year for this class. I still haven’t decided what to do if I don’t get my classes. I think I’ll just quit the program and go for a nursing program. Sounds good. I’m just so tired of getting screwed over by this school. I’ve wasted so much time. But I’m still hoping and staying positive!

So please wish me luck~

As for updates, I’ll get around to them soon. It’s been so hot and nasty here in Southern California. Fires left and right. I can barely handle the weather, the heat from my laptop is just another level. I bought a fan for my computer and it’s kept it cool, but it’s sooooo hot (weather wise).

I’ve been updating tumblr here and there, but not much. I hope I get the opportunity to do more.

Please, just hope for the best for me and wish me luck. I’m at a loss right now.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll try to update soon~

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